Photo Tagging on Facebook Pages

I learned something new today and wanted to share it before I forgot it. One of our Facebook pages, Environment and Natural Resources Majors in Ag Sci at Penn State, posted some pictures of an event and asked their students to tag themselves in the photos. They were unable as they did not see the usual tagging option when viewing the photo. Browsing through the settings for that page was of no help. So, I began reading the Facebook help forum. On page 11 (a year later) of a discussion titled “tagging photos on facebook pages” someone finally found a workaround.

1) Go to your Facebook Page.

2) Directly below your Page’s Profile photo, click on “Edit Page”.

3) In your browser’s URL, note the number that comes AFTER ‘edit/?id=’ That number is your Page ID.

4) Go to this URL, but change REPLACEME to your Page ID from step 3:

5) Click the setting for “Allow All Fans to Tag Photos”

6) Save your settings.

Facebook Photo Tagging Settings, Pages

In case anyone wants to know why this works, all it is doing is accessing the “Photo Application” settings by using the Application ID (the Facebook Photos Application ID is ‘2305272732’).

Let’s hope the Facebook Gods add a fix soon so we can easily change settings without having to run backdoor fixes. =)

This is the 2nd time in a month that I have modified settings on our pages through a secret URL. Got to stay on your toes and do some figuring when dealing with a company with 500 million customers. Hope you find this useful.


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